Yo dudes! 8D

Man oh man, it has been a WHILE since I’ve talked to y’all, haha! Sorry for bein’ MIA for so long. I’ll try to fix that within the next month or two, but I thought I should let you guys know that I’ll be at Metrocon this year in Tampa, Florida with some friends of mine that I’m sure you all know! ;) Really lookin’ forward to meeting some o’ y’all and having a rip-snortin’ good time. You can find me walkin’ around the con on Sunday with my buddies. Until then, stay safe!



((For those who’d like to know, I’ll be doing Meg from Supernatural on Friday, fem!Tony - Avengers on Saturday (might change out half way through but we’ll see), and Keith on Sunday. We’ll have meet-up’s and stuff every so often, so I hope to see you there!

As for my ask blog… I truly am sorry for not updating as much as I should. Things have really been changing after graduating last year and it’s hard to motivate yourself to do asks when life has other plans in store for you. I’ve moved into a new environment, so after Metrocon I’ll try to get my butt back in gear once more. Thank you to those who’ve been waiting so patiently and are still following me for some reason??? Y’all are the best!))




This is why Jenn and Kelly are in my top favorite people. I mean, just gaaaaaah! I cried with laughter at this!!!
Jenn is Nick and Kelly is Ellis :3

Oh good! They got the video up.

More stuff from the L4D2 panel at ALA, y’all. 

My goodness my leg is twitchy. I am so sorry. D8

((More video of the ALA panel!))

I managed to reunite with the gang at this panel gig! Coach came along, and even some ladies who looked a whole helluva a lot like Ellis and Nick. Figured y’all would wanna see the footage of us answerin’ some questions and whatnot. 8)

Thanks for askin’, brother! Had a little incident with some car alarms earlier, but other than that I’m peachy keen!

And WOO HOO! Not many people end up findin’ their families. Glad your sis is okay!

Keep on truckin’, man. You show them specials who’s boss!

*GASP* Oh, really?

Does the recipe involve me tenderizin’ some special meat of my own?

Didn’t ya hear about them Hostess fella’s goin’ out of business?

It’s not surprising, really, considerin’ the apocalypse n’ all. When I heard about it I took a look at my Twinkie box, and there was one left.

It was a zombie.

Now you tell me that ain’t “expired”!

I know a surefire way to find out!


DUDE. Lighters and spray cans are what I give out as party favors each year on my birthday!


I remember this one time me n’ Ellis were experimentin’ with them and well…





He got better.

Haha! Do ya need a map, buddy? Better yet, I’ll just show ya the way myself.



I may or may not have been slightly ‘intoximacated’ at the time…


And I was expecting to live until like… what, 3048? Maybe it’s time for a color change. I wonder how I’d look as a blonde…?